During the winter months, your boiler may be the most important item in your home. We often take them for granted until they fail. With over 12 years experience and a professional service, Pro Heating’s team of engineers will make sure you’re not left in the cold.

When should you replace your boiler?

Deciding to replace your boiler, if it isn’t clearly broken, can be a large financial decision. Here are our thoughts on upgrading a boiler.

  • New boilers are energy-efficient. Any costs associated with boiler installation, or replacement are likely to be outweighed by the savings you will make in the long run
  • A boiler that allows you greater control over your heating will help to cut your bills. Having a timer and thermostat fitted could be a cheaper alternative to a brand new boiler
  • If you’re looking to sell your home, a new boiler will add to its value
  • A faulty boiler could be leaking potentially fatal Carbon Monoxide gas

If you are interested in upgrading your boiler and would like to discuss your options, or need a boiler serviced, please use the contact form to get in touch. You can also give us a call to see what the Pro Heating team can do for you.