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Choosing between “the big 6”

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Not all energy suppliers offer the same prices, so how do you choose between them? Can you switch?

People assume that to switch energy suppliers is a complicated process that involves staying on hold to premium rate numbers for hours. In fact all it takes is your postcode, a recent bill and only about 10-15 minutes. You can even do it online!

Our guide to switching energy suppliers

  1. First things first, find out if your current supplier charges a fee for early cancellation. If they do, how will this affect your savings? Most companies now let you leave up to 49 days before your tariff is set to end
  2. Know the difference between various tariffs. Do you understand the difference between dual fuel, fixed rate, online and green energy tariffs? There are various discounts available that you could benefit from. Brush up on your knowledge here

  3. Use a website like EnergyLinx to compare most recent tariff prices. Prices are updated regularly, so you can rest assured that your comparison is the most reliable. You need to know how much you are currently spending in kilowatt hours – kWh) on both gas and electricity.
  4. Consider reading some reviews on Which?Switch. Cheap is not always preferable. What’s most important to you, low cost and poor customer service or slightly higher price and the comfort in knowing that any issues you may experience will be quickly resolved? Taking the risk on smaller energy companies might pay off both financially and in ease of use
  5. Pick up your phone. Or log onto a comparison website to get started on your savings.

Once you’ve switched, sit back and put the money towards a new boiler, or something a little less practical!

Read our guide to combi boilers here.

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