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Landlord Gas Safety Record Checklist

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The only document required by law for all landlords renting residential properties

Under the Gas Safety Regulations, it is the landlord’s responsibility to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate annually. You should keep your certificate safe for 2 years and forward it onto the current tenants, within 28 days of the inspection. A copy of the Gas Safety Record must be provided to each new tenant when they move in. If you employ a property management company or letting agent to deal with your property then make sure the responsibility for the Gas Safety Certificate is outlined in your contract.


What is a Gas Safety Record?

It is a document that outlines the results of a Gas Safety Check.

What is it for?

The Gas Safety Check assesses whether the following meet safety regulations:

  • All gas appliances
  • Gas pressure including when an appliance is working and when it is not
  • Burner pressure
  • Ventilation checks
  • Flue flow and whether harmful emissions can escape
  • Checks for evidence of unsafe operation of gas appliances

The results of these checks are then compiled into a document with becomes the Landlord Gas Safety Record or Certificate. If there are any issues that have been highlighted during the check they will be listed.

Who can carry out a Gas Safety check?

Only qualified  and registered engineers.

What happens if I don’t have one?

Failure to complete a Gas Safety Record, or comply with any safety regulations will lead to a fine and possibly prison.

To learn more, and find a registered gas safe engineer, visit the Gas Safe website.


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