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5 Signs your boiler isn’t working properly

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Sluggish boilers are inefficient. Correct boiler installation and regular servicing will save you money.

How do you know if your boiler is running correctly, or as efficiently as it could do? A well maintained boiler is less likely to break down, and cost you money. Pro Heating have created a simple checklist so you can make sure that your boiler is working smoothly.

  1. Is your boiler suddenly using way more gas than it should be?
    It is natural for your energy bills to fluctuate from month to month. However, if you notice a drastic increase in your gas bill, your boiler might be to blame.
  2. Can you hear strange clunking sounds?
    If the noises are coming from your pipes or radiators then we recommend a power flush. Cleansing your central heating system regularly helps to ensure even heating. It also ensures you maintain the warranty of your boiler.
    If the clunking sounds are coming from your boiler, then it is possible that water is boiling in the pipes.
    It could also be a build up of scale in the central heating system. This is easily treated with a descaler. You will need to flush the system afterwards and bleed all radiators.
  3. Are you getting heat and hot water?
    It might sound like a silly question, but in the middle of summer you can’t always tell. Make sure to test your boiler and central heating system throughout the year, especially in the winter when pipes may freeze.
  4. Do you have cold spots in your property?
    Cold spots are indicative of a poorly functioning boiler, or blocked central heating system. As with a noisy boiler a complete power flush is recommended to eliminate cold spots and prolong boiler life. 
  5. Is your boiler maintaining the correct pressure?
    If boiler pressure drops too low it can cause your central heating system to not function properly. Each boiler has a pressure gauge. Anything below 1 and you have an issue, including a leak in the system. We recommend checking for a leak visually. If you can not see anything, call a professional.

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For more information about energy efficiency in heating and hot water visit the Energy Saving Trust website here.

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