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Pros and Cons of Underfloor Heating

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Is underfloor heating a worthwhile investment?

Underfloor heating sounds like a luxury, but can it be affordable? If you are considering your options, Pro Heating offer custom design and installation of central heating systems, including underfloor heating.

How does underfloor heating work?

Underfloor heating can be either wet or dry and is based on the idea that heat rises. A wet system heats the room by pumping water through pipes under the floor.  A dry system involves electric coils that heat up under the floor.

Ok, but why is it better than traditional heating?

The wet system uses less energy than traditional central heating methods, which in turn means lower energy bills. Also there are no radiators to take up precious wall space. It offers a modern and luxurious way to heat your home. Plus, no more freezing cold floors when you get up to visit the bathroom! Solid floors are perfect for UFH as it acts as a thermal store, keeping the grounder warmer for longer, regardless of how many doors or windows you leave open.

Can you install it in every room?

Whilst underfloor heating is very useful in keeping your bathroom and kitchen clutter free and cozy, it may not be as suitable for the rest of your home. If furniture is placed on top of underfloor heating it can cause the insides of cupboards, wardrobes and other furniture items to heat up and “sweat”. It is always best to contact a specialist to establish the right system for you and your home.

Are there any cons?

Some consider underfloor heating a high-end product and not a cost friendly alternative to traditional central heating systems. It can be difficult to install in older properties, if you are not completely overhauling your heating system.

Underfloor heating is best installed by a certified specialist. Pro Heating Beckenham based central heating design and install bespoke heating systems in residential properties. If you are a property developer, or landlord Pro Heating will work alongside you at every stage of your build.  If you interested in underfloor heating for your new build, we will ensure you receive the very best service by our fully trained GasSafe engineers.

For more information, and a quote, contact us.

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