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no hot water

No Hot Water

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No hot water? That means no washing up!

You may think that means you’re off the hook for completing chores, but it also means no showers, no baths and no washing hands. Coming home to no hot water can be a real pain. Before you call out an engineer follow our troubleshooting guide to discover if you can solve the issue yourself.

First and foremost, take a good look at your boiler. Hopefully you know what your boiler looks like when it is working properly, so is anything different?

  • Is your boiler connected to the power supply? Sometimes things get unplugged and turned off
  • Check your thermostat is up high enough
  • The pressure gauge should be around 1 bar, if it is not, it could be an indicator that something is not right
  • If you have a boiler with a pilot light check that it hasn’t gone out
  • Is there an issue with your timer? Try adjusting the time to see if that restarts the boiler
  • Some boilers have a reset switch, push that and wait to see if the problem resolves itself
  • Is it freezing outside? If so your pipes may have frozen
  • Be sure to check any other gas appliances to ensure that the issue is not with your gas supply
  • If all else fails, turn the power supply off and on again!

At Pro Heating we understand that your boiler is one of the most expensive investments you will make. During the winter months you want to be sure that everything is working as it should. Our team of engineers are on hand for any boiler or central heating repairs you may need.

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